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I prefer to go “all-in” and document the full story of your wedding day, so I only offer one service, which is full day coverage of all of the big as well as small moments on your big day. Scroll down to get a feel for what you can expect from a full days coverage.

Will you document our preparations ahead of the big moment? 

Most definitely! I will capture all the informal moments leading up to the big moment, which are my personal favorites :-)

Can you take some pictures of the ceremony itself?

You bet (within the confines of the rules of the individual church / venue).


What about the moments between the ceremony and the party?

I am right there with you to document the day as it unfolds. If there is nothing particular on the schedule, I will go “backstage” and generally try to capture all the relaxed informal moments of you and your guests in between the scheduled events.

Will there be time to take some portraits of just the two of us?

We will make time when it makes the most sense in terms of the rest of the schedule for the day. I will make sure to find a good and convenient location, which ties in with your whereabouts the rest of the day. In case of rain I will have a plan B, and if your up for it, we can sneak out for a short moment during the evening for another quick and “creative” portraits session.

We would love some pictures taken during the dinner?

I am right there the whole time to capture the emotion of all the important moments.

Our friends and family are awesome and we would love some pictures with them as well. 

I’ve got you covered. Typically, we will sneak out during one of the breaks in the evening for a quick and fun group photo session.

Please get some pictures of our first dance, we have been practicing a lot. 

Our friends and family like to party hard. Will you hang around for that?

Are you kidding me? Of course, I am right there on the dance floor with you.

For how long will you stay?

I don’t count hours or pictures and if you don’t mind, then I will stay for as long as it is needed to document the whole day.

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